Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment (ROI) Toolkit: The Value In Attending the 2015 Annual NICHE Conference

The value in attending the 2015 Annual NICHE Conference can be explained to your organization with our Return on Investment (ROI) Toolkit. Make the case to attend the 2015 Annual NICHE Conference with hard facts and figures using this toolkit. Follow the 7 steps below to customize your NICHE Conference Request Letter and show your organization the value you will bring back to them as a direct result of attending the NICHE Conference.

1. Initiatives. Identify which sessions will be most beneficial to your hospital. Think strategically — what areas (dementia, transitions, falls, etc.) are your hospital currently working on or lacking.

2. Skill development. Identify which sessions are most closely aligned with your professional development and articulate specifically how these skills will benefit your organization. Receive up to 24.5 CEs.

3. Competition. Our speakers along with their facilities are identified in our online schedule; this is an opportunity to hear what innovations have been implemented and tested by health care organizations like yours. Make mention of hospitals that are similar to yours in location, size and type.

4. Networking. Building relationships and exchanging ideas with new colleagues locally, nationally, and internationally will strengthen your NICHE program. The 2015 Annual NICHE Conference App allows you to add these contacts for future collaboration.

5. Team Building. Don’t come alone. Bring a group. Use this opportunity to strengthen your team and build stronger working relationships.

6. Make the Case. Download the NICHE Conference Request Letter template and incorporate all of the talking points above to make a strong case.

7. Follow Up. The 2015 Annual NICHE Conference App allows you to bookmark speaker(s) and sessions, and take notes on sessions in real time. Download all your notes after the conference and use for your final report recommendations to improve the care of older adults in your facility. Remember, follow up is very important. You will want to come back next year, and it is never too early to start making the case.

Download the 2015 Annual NICHE Conference Flyer.