2015 Annual NICHE Conference Highlights

The 2015 Annual NICHE Conference held recently in Walt Disney World® Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida was an immense success, attracting over 830 attendees from more than 320 hospitals, and provided outstanding learning, sharing, and networking opportunities.

Graduates of the Leadership Training Program (LTP) were inducted into the NICHE Program. Hailing from across the U.S., 420 hospitals and their 1,710 nurses and other healthcare providers participated in the LTP in 2014/2015.

In addition, 67 NICHE Hospitals were recognized for achieving Exemplar status — a designation identifying their hospitals as reaching the highest level of care for their older adult patients. The Exemplar interdisciplinary teams are members of well-established, system-wide NICHE programs and represent great resources for our newest members.

See below for links to photographs, videos, and poster session results from the conference.

Photo Gallery

We shot plenty of photographs at the conference. The photo gallery contains many wonderful images picturing the achievements, presentations, and attendees at this year’s conference. All of the candid and posed photographs have been posted on Facebook. Visit the NICHE Conference Facebook Photo Gallery.

Video Channel

You may have seen our video station at the conference. All of the videos will be uploaded over the coming months to our YouTube Channel. Many feature NICHE Hospital team members discussing innovations they launched at their hospitals. Programs evolve and what better place to learn about them than at the NICHE Conference. Hear from clinicians what they hope to take back from the conference and rollout at their hospitals. The conference is a first step for many in bringing NICHE to their hospitals. Discover why they need NICHE and how they plan to get their NICHE programs started. Visit the NICHE Conference YouTube Video Channel.

Poster Presentations

Over 100 posters were on display at the conference representing an array of initiatives and research by NICHE hospitals. Winners and the complete list of posters can be found on the new Poster Presentation page. The poster titles are linked to pdf’s to download and view the full poster presentation. View the NICHE conference Poster Presentations.  

New Conference Polling Helps Drive NICHE Initiatives

This year the NICHE Conference App featured an exciting real-time polling function. NICHE will use the results from the polling to enhance NICHE resources and drive decisions about future conferences.

The app was downloaded by over 390 attendees and NICHE received nearly 1,600 responses to the polling queries during the conference. Polling questions were geared to presentation subject matter and other topics. View the conference polling results.